Specialist Lift Controls

SPECIALISTS LIFT CONTROLS are UK manufacturers of lift controls and associated equipment.

Service lift

Universal service / goods lift controller up to 5 floors. a direct replacement for all service lifts including Stannah micro-lifts; BKG; SKG; etc. plug.

  • Plug and play for micro lift, installation time 1 hour
  • Works with old and new microlift buttons, SKG and BKG buttons.
  • SELV safety control 24v (unlike microlifts which is 48v and not selv)
  • Up to 5 floors
  • Small footprint (same as micro-lift)
  • Test hand control included
  • On board fault diagnostic
  • On board fuse, fault, door open indicators
  • On board test (with or without hand control)
  • On board ‘safe’ safety circuit test button
  • On board position indicator etc.
  • Lift here, lift coming, doors open, lift ready, indicators
  • Easy to follow drawings
  • With inverter can be used on single phase or 2 speed.